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weatherford is a one of the best multinationa oil and natural gas industry in the world. there are lot of weatherford jobs available now. Watherford headquartered in Switzerland. Weatherford have more than 35,000 employees and over the global. Weatherford works acrodd 100 countries. weatherford works on products and services for drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention of oil and natural gas wells, along with pipeline construction and commissioning

Now weatherford hiring for new staffs for to make their strength as good through you, there have so many pending vacancies for new staffs in different positions. Through be a part of weatherford careers your job and life will be secured by the company. Interested candidates can apply through link.

Current Vacancies

Technical Sales Representative – Clairmont, AB

Wireline Field Operator – Estevan, Saskatchewan

Field Supervisor – Gas Lift, Clairmont, AB

TRS Mechanization Specialist – Paradise, NL

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